After designing and testing data visualization micro-sites, and leading internal interviews and exercises, I wrote a brand story and lead the creation of our visual language and the resulting brand book. This book served as a cultural guide for the team as well as a beacon of inspiration as we developed the component library for the platform. Full guide: Ground Signal brand book.
There were 3 specific lenses: Understand, Discover, and Engage, a direction that was conceptually informed by our user testing. Taking a persona driven approach. This 3 panel dashboard empowered users to quickly navigate and compare geo-spatial data visualizations in real time, allowing users to understand how individuals felt and behaved within specific locations and gradually how their behaviors evolved over time.
I decided our key visual distinction would be surfacing all relevant content on one singular page. The page would contain 3 panels that contained information relevant to one another, but functioned and scrolled idiosyncratically, this opened up a world of possibility in terms of how users could organize inputs and reveal discoveries.