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Brand Design, Art Direction, Research, Content Strategy

Walker and Company brand's mission is to make health and beauty simple for people of color. They are the creators of Bevel, a single blade shave system proven to reduce bumps and irritation as well as the Bevel Trimmer.

Known for the unique and bold aesthetic represented on its social media and in its lifestyle photography, the Bevel brand struggled to translate this aesthetic across touch-points. The visual language of the e-commerce website, packaging, and marketing efforts were disjointed and lacked cohesion. We knew we needed to evolve the Bevel brand forward without completely reinventing it.
We set out to create a premium, well-crafted, and effective visual language system that would seamlessly pair with our products and elevate the overall brand experience.
I began by conducting in-depth stakeholder interviews, uncovering patterns in brand perception. I quickly realized that there was a disconnect in how we perceived our brand vs how consumers perceived our brand, and recognized an opportunity to bridge that gap. My main focus became to develop a visual language that married the distinct and fresh vibe of our lifestyle blog, Bevel Code, with the technical and informative nature of our e-commerce site. Second I wanted to focus on creating a system that was inclusive of our parent company and editorial branches, while leaving room for future evolution and expansion.
During this period of development, I created type specimens and usage rules, investigating and proposing headline(s), body, and CTA combinations. I created color palette boards and tested interactions in context. Additionally I developed logo, photography and renders usage rules. I then proposed layout possibilities for our web experience to showcase how this new system could be applied at scale.
All of this research went on to inform our visual language across every touchpoint including the: Internal brand book, web and e-commerce sites, email marketing, online advertising, and printed materials.
Bevel's refreshed brand experience can be viewed on: 

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